Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Lately I've been reading a book by John Piper,"Let The Nations Be Glad!"
It talks about the supremacy of God in missions. There is so much in the book that I would love to share, but I will just give you a little quote written in the book by Charles Spurgeon taken from Twelve Sermons on Prayer for the time being.

Prayer Proves the Supremacy of God in Missions.

Prayer is God's appointed means of bringing grace to us and glory to Himself.
(Read Psalm 50:15 - "And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliever thee, and thou shalt glorify me." )

"God and the praying man take shares...First, here is your share: "Call upon me in the day of trouble." Secondly, here is God's share: "I will deliever thee." Again, you take a share-for youshall be delivered. And then again it is the Lord's turn-"Thou shalt glorify me." Here is a compact, a covenant that God enters into with you who pray to Him, and whom He helps. He says, "You shall have the deliverance, but I must have the glory..." Here is a delightful partnership: we obtain that which we so greatly need, and all that God getteth is the glory which is due unto His name."

We must give God glory for all He has done, is doing, and will continue to do. You see, it is for HIS GLORY missionaries are called and sent out, it is for HIS GLORY we proclaim the gospel to the unsaved, it is for HIS GLORY He has saved us, --- we are on earth to glorify Him.

We must remember when we are witnessing and seeing lost souls come to Christ that we give God the honor and glory. It is easy to become wrapped up in seeking the praise of man. Yes, we might have sown seeds by giving out a gospel tract or talked with a person about the Lord and even perhaps watched that person come to Christ, but it was NOTHING WE DID that brought that person to Christ. The Holy Spirit convicted, God drew them to Himself and He saved them. We must be careful to give God ALL THE GLORY, both in missions and within our own lives for the things He hath done.

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