Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May & Mothers

Wow! The month of May will be here tomorrow! Isn't it amazing how time flies!?!? It is really scary when you begin to think of all the things that you should and could be doing for the Lord. Sometimes we like to sit back and say "someone else will take care of it" - there are other Christians around.
We are all able to minister in many ways - young, old, married, single, healthy, bedridden, etc. We are living and breathing for a purpose and our purpose is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.
Here is a service opportunity to consider in the next couple weeks to show someone the love of God.
Love a Mother or Grandmother...
-Look around to see if you can find an older lady (a shut - in, widowed, in a nursing home, a missionary wife that is away from her family, a neighbor).

Look at your calendar to plan a day near Mother's Day or just in the month of May to go visit an older lady and make her day special by showing her that someone cares.

Make or buy a card, bring flowers (artificial work too - if you aren't sure the person you are visiting can handle the smell of flowers), candy, give her a good book to read, give her a pretty craft that you just made or drawings that the kids made, perhaps you might even go all out and schedule some time to help her clean her house, decorate for summer, or even give her a beauty/hair make over. If the person is unsaved use this as a time to share the gospel message of salvation -even if you don't use words, your actions will speak. Take the time to just sit and talk - it is very important to people to know that you aren't in a rush and that you truly do care about them. Pray with them and pray for them.
Give them a hug and tell them that you love them!

Question: Does anyone know if you can post a sound recording onto blogger??? If you do please e-mail me at and let me know how I can go about doing that because I would love to share some scripture verse songs on the blog. Thanks!

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