Monday, June 2, 2008

Preparing to serve as a missionary...

Preparing to serve as a missionary...

Being a great missionary or man/woman of God is not something that happens overnight. Yes, it would be nice if life was easy and all directions straightforward, but it's not. We must seek the Lord daily and learn from our mistakes.
Do you feel God calling you to serve Him as a missionary?
Here are steps that you might want to consider while you prayerful consider and wait on the Lord to show you exactly His plan for your life.

  • Read, read, missionary biographies, read sermons written/preached by Spurgeon, D.L.Moody, and other great preachers. Study your Bible.
    Read about the different countries - find out about their religions, the culture, the languages spoken in that country, their history, their government, etc.

  • Find a missionary to correspond with and write to them.

  • If possible take a short - term mission trip to the country you believe God is leading you to serve.

  • Witness and pass out tracts to those you come in contact with here in the USA and abroad.
    If you can't witness in your own land, city, and street then there is no way that you can go out into the world to share Christ with others. It isn't something that just happens when you reach your "mission country"- to be an effective missionary you must reach out to others.

  • Pray, pray, pray.

  • Serve (I'll post soon with more details on finding ways to serve)

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