Monday, August 4, 2008

Notes from Missions Conference

I'm finally sitting down to share with you some notes I took from our missions conference two weeks ago. Now I'm going to try and decipher what I wrote and see if it makes please bear with me as I try to put everything in order.

- God loved & lived the Bible.

- God came to call sinners, not the good.

-He never charged a penny.

-Never lost a case.

-He never refuses anyone that comes unto Him.

A baby may grow to be a devil - so innocent, yet very deceiving.

In order to lose Christ you must acknowledge Him - Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss.

Examine yourself.

Wrong motive? Are you serving Christ with the wrong motive - are you trying to gain worldly approval by showing everyone all you do for the Lord? Psalm 12.

Are you going to church and hear all the sermons, but remain untouched?

A friend may turn against you. See Luke 22 - a person pretends to be a friend outwardly by appearance, but inwardly they are plotting against you).

People may see Christ's glory even in the midst of betrayal.

A man may serve Christ and sell Christ - what would you sell Christ for? Judas sold Him for money - what might you sell Him for (a job, popularity, money, etc.)?

The Bride of Christ = forgiven sinners

Revelation 19:7; 22:(...)
-A great love

-Allows the bride to assume His name - CHRISTIAN.

-Provides for the daily needs of His wife. See Psalms 34:10 and Psalm 100:3.

- Fear not. See Isaiah 43.

-Promises never to leave.

- Weary- go to Jesus and He'll give you rest.

- Stress. See Isaiah 26.

-Pays all the debts for the wife (we are indebted to Christ). See Gal. 5

-Shares all His riches with His wife. Eph. 2

-Joint Heirs - Romans 8:17.

-Always wants to be together ( sign of being in love).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy those little hen scratchings I recorded from the conference - sorry they aren't the greatest, but I hope you get something out of them.

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