Thursday, July 24, 2008

Missions Conference

Please forgive me for not posting much lately. I really have no excuse - - - well, maybe I could try getting away with the fact that it is missions conference week at our church. Every night we have been attending our annual missions conference listening to missionaries tell of their call to one place or another. Last night at church I overheard someone ask a friend if they were missionaries. My friend laughed and said, "no, we aren't missionaries". I wanted to jump in and say, "Of course you are! We are all called of God to be missionaries, but of course I know what the man was asking, but still where did the idea of the only people who are missionaries are those willing to go to the jungles of Africa????? I don't get it. I really just don't get it. If more born-again Christians could see that God has called us all to be witnesses/missionaries I think things would be different.

You know, a thought struck me the other night as I was listening to a missionary family share their ministry goals with the church, I would really like to personally hear/see/meet an American who got saved after a foreigner shared the gospel message with them. And then see that American serve as a missionary and to hear his testimony - wouldn't that be neat?!?

Well, I'd love to write, but I'm a little tired at the moment so I'll try to post more about the conference tomorrow. Sadly, tomorrow will be the last day of the missions conference. It has been wonderful!!! I wish ALL of you could have been here for at least one night to hear the preaching - it is so good!

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Sandy Sellers said...

It was so nice getting to met you last week at missions conference at you church. It was a wonderful week.