Monday, September 1, 2008

Just a story...

Hi Everyone!

First, I apologize for not posting very much on this blog lately. I'm going to try and get better at posting more often. I just wanted to share something with you- a creative opportunity I had to witness this past week.

As most of you know I am currently enrolled in a Medical Transcription course. Well, the school happens to have a forum for its students where we can can chat about school, recipes, current issues going on, even prayer requests, etc. Well, I have been praying for the Lord to show me how I can use this online school to witness to the other students. This week I decided to be bold and post something relating to the gospel. :)

The subject title of my post was: "Are you a good person?"

My message was short and sweet: "Thought I'd share this online test: Good Person Test "

I posted that at about lunch time and decided to get back on right before we ate pizza Friday night to see if anyone had responded to my post. To my surprise I found my post had been locked! People must have complained to the moderator about it being a "hot topic" - a topic that might end it some heated debates. Before she shut down (locked - which means that people can still read what I posted and get onto the test link, but cannot leave a comment) my topic several people left interesting comments, which I am going to share with you:

1."Warning: Test is to get you to convert to Christianity."

2. "I found the test totally opposed to my Christian beliefs in that at the end of the test it asks if I still believe I will go to heaven rather than hell. When I answered yes, it says NOPE! And then it wants to you consider christianity. My beliefs are that my God is a loving, forgiving God and if I've made things right on my end, then yes, I will go to heaven. If there is no hope of going to heaven, then why would I want to explore their message further? Seems like a contradiction to me in that test and website."

3.This test is absolutely spot on. Christianity is not about how good you are here on earth;it is about what Jesus did on the cross for you. There IS hope, but it is not based on how good you are, but on the basis that Jesus lived that perfect life for you and took your place. :-)

(NOTE: This person and I have been in contact since she posted. I have found that she also loves Way of the Master ministry. It's neat to find other true Christians.)

4. "Talk about a hot topic.........!!
~From the Minister's Daughter, who still believes she is going to Heaven, regardless of the test."

5."I am a christian and find this test a little rash. At least put a warning with your post that this is harsh christianity test basically telling whoever takes it that they are going to hell and not just a regular test???"

6. "Well, apparently I'm a liar, adulterer, murderer, and something else that I can't remember now. Guess I better find some clothes to wear to a really hot climate. "

7. Here is the message the moderator posted:
"So as many of you have posted, this is a hot topic so thanks for your opinions but we're closing this thread.Thanks!"

I read later on another forum post about students still talking about the test and how they didn't think it was correct, etc. I also read of several people who had missed my previous post were curious to see what everyone else was talking about: "a good person topic". The forum lets you see how many people have read your post and currently the number happens to be 349 people have looked at what I posted. The number continues to climb because those that might not have seen it before are reading of others talking about it and want to go check it out. Of course, I'm sure that not everyone who read the post clicked on the link, but more than likely 99% of them did - just to see what it was about. I mean really, when you ask someone if they think they are a good person you have struck their interest and they are curious to see what you might say.

Well, there is my story of being able to witness to over 300 people in just one short day! You've got to be creative when you are doing online schooling! :) The best thing is that the school has never said you aren't allowed to post things about Christianity or other religions as topics. It was the most creative way I knew of to reach a lot of people. I know God will use it to convict people and that even though some of the students don't care to admit it has given them something to really consider.

I have asked God to not only give me an educational opportunity, but most importantly someone to witness to and pray for. I currently have a couple study buddies. I know one is not saved and although she lives in FL and I'm in VA we keep in contact via email and chat. Please pray that I'll be able to share with her as we study together in this course. Thank you!

Sorry for such a long post, but I couldn't wait to share this news with you!!!

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