Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good-byes are so hard!

We said our last good-bye to the family that I am teaching piano to from Germany (the dad just got the news that he needs to come back to Germany a year earlier than they had expected so they will be leaving this summer). We have been praying for them and sharing with them as they are unsaved and had hoped to see them come to know the Lord while they were here, but at least a seed was planted. The mom is a Catholic who thinks she has never done anything wrong and the dad is a Lutheran. I believe that God has given me quite a mission field right here in our home! It was a really sad time yesterday knowing that all we can do now is pray for them and keep in contact with them via-email. We planted a seed and God will water it!

We may never see that family again, but God brought them into our life for a purpose. God has reminded me time and time again that we really don't need to serve the Lord in a foreign county (He can bring a people from another country right to your door!), unless He truly leads you to do so, because we really have huge a mission field in the United States. I read the other day that the largest Arabic speaking church is on the outskirts of Washington, DC. We have probably about every single religion in our country and many people who speak foreign languages.

Pray and seek the Lord for direction on where He would have you to serve Him in this world. Time is short and there are so many people that have not heard about the Lord.

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