Saturday, October 18, 2008

October Mission Outreach

I'm sorry it has taken me a week to get this post written and posted, but I plan on doing several new posts today, so hopefully I'll have the time to post them all.

October has been a very busy month for us.

  • We started the first weekend of October in West Virginia at a Way of the Master conference with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

  • Gospel Illusions...

  • Last week we spent our entire Saturday afternoon helping a local church with their October Fall Fest Children's Outreach. It was a lot of fun! Amber and I volunteered to help at the craft table to assist the children in making wordless bracelets. My dad and Curtis did a gospel illusion presentation, which the kids loved!

Our craft table - lots of beads for making wordless bracelets.

Click HERE for instructions for making a wordless bracelet.

Click HERE for step by step instructions "Corn Stalk" gospel illusion that you can do!

Yes, my favorite part of the day was holding the baby!

We decided to put into practice what we learned from the Way of the Master conference a week earlier by using the law to witness to children and their parents. Many of the children I helped were very young and I basically told them what each color stood for and asked them if they had ever disobeyed their mommy or daddy, told a lie, etc. and explained how we sin against God.

The most exciting part of the day was being able to talk to two mothers, who asked if they could sit at our craft table while their children did the various activities at the festive. We had a chance to talk to them about the Lord using the "are you a good person" test from Way of the Master. Amber did most of the talking with the moms and although I would chime in the conversations going on when the traffic at the craft table was slow, I tried to focus on the kids. I could overhear the conversations going on and I didn't want Amber to become sidetracked and not have a chance to talk with the moms about their spiritual condition.

One mom that Amber & I talked with believed that she was "good enough to go to Heaven". This lady told us that when God asks her the question one day of "Why should I let you into Heaven?" that she would say, "I did my best and tried to live a good life".... We explained to her that your best isn't enough and that she needed a Saviour.

As many witnessing conversations go along the 'victim (our unsaved friend)' will begin to feel convicted and you can sense they are starting to squirm inside and often will try to turn the topic another direction. I could see the look in the lady's eyes as Amber talked with her - instead of being the happy carefree person who had just sat down at the table minutes before she was now talking with an uneasy laugh and becoming to turn on her defences. She started getting judgmental (sign of conviction), saying things with a "do you think you're better than me!" tone like: "Why are you wearing skirts?, Why do you have long hair?, etc" - which of course was besides the point.

She also mentioned that she has friends that are Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, and Catholics. Personally, I think this is great - - - everyone should have an unsaved friend and witness to them! Sadly, this lady thinks everyone will get to Heaven according to what each religion believes. For example, if her Catholic friend believes differently than her, it's OK....they'll both meet in Heaven-no matter what the belief may be.

Anyway, we had a very interesting afternoon last Saturday, but it was good to have so many opportunities to witness. We're now able to pray for those who we had the chance to witness to and I actually invited a family to come to our church with us that Sunday evening and they came!

They had bounce houses and other activities including puppets, skits, games, food, and music.

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