Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Witness Where You Are!

Far-off Fields?

We're concerned for the sinner in China
And the heathen in Mandalay,
But say, do we care, have we offered a prayer
For the lost one just over the way?

We say we would go with the Gospel
To lighten dark Africa's shore--
Have we spoken a word in the Name of the Lord
To people who live just next door?

The person who lives down the way,
Who looks so forbidding and grim;
Do we have a call to witness at all
Or speak of the Saviour to him?

We'd take the Gospel to Savages,
We'd cross the stormy tide;
But will we tell out what the Gospel's about
To the people who work by our side?

We'd tell of our wonderful Saviour
And His love we have found so sweet
To far-off ones, but what about
The folks we will meet on the street?

~Poems taken from Moments With The Book

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